• ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems
  • ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems
  • ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational health and safety

We are Architects for business Processes

about us

Synergy Consilium (PTY) Ltd comprises of Industrial Engineers and Management System Consultants that specialise in Business and Project Management System (BPMS).

We design, implement, analyse, train, audit, and maintain various Projects and Standards in various industries.

Our Service Orientated Methodology combined with Internationally Recognised Good Practice are the foundation of our extensive services and the processes we implement on projects and on clients’ Management systems.

Occupational Health and Safety

ISO has developed a new standard, ISO 45001:2018, Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements, that will help organisations reduce this burden by providing a framework to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions, all over the world.


The ISO14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organisation can use to enhance its environmental performance. ISO 14001:2015 is intended for use by an organisation seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.


ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is the only standard in the family that can be certified to (although this is not a requirement). It can be used by any organisation, large or small, regardless of its field of activity.

Integrated Management
System (IMS)

The development of an Integrated Management System (IMS) is the concatenation of various standards to improve the business model and to further comply to regulatory and statutory requirements. By managing an IMS, the business will combine the requirements of each standard to allow for singular process in dealing with various requirements.

Our Services

ISO9001:2015 | ISO14001:2015 | ISO45001:2018 | ISO22000:2005 | ISO31001:2009

Synergy Consilium utilises an in-depth and methodical process for the planning of a project through to its maintenance phase, each phase will have its own criteria and will be measured according to the desired outcome. This process applies to all management systems i.e. Lean-Management, Quality, Risk, Safety and Health, Environmental and Food safety


All projects are subject to our "Gap Audit" to establish the maturity of client's existing systems, processes and to come up with project duration that is in line with the context of the organisation. Findings are documented in the audit report and presented to client together with implementation proposal (SLA).


After Acceptance of the SLA the project outline gets designed with information gathering sessions, employee and employer interaction and awareness training. this will ensure we understand the organisations leadership model, policies and responsibilities.


Processes and procedures then undergo in-depth analysis to determine the individual impacts and risks where they are then developed or documented according to the scope, content and opportunities of the organisation. Thereafter, processes are verified against the Mandatory System Requirements.


The processes for support and operations are verified and are then implemented. they will loop between development and implementation until the end result is satisfactory and all pre-requisites have been met and the loop can then be closed.


Process for measurements, performance and general efficiencies are established and evaluated. Internal Audits (IA's) are conducted followed by a Management Review Meeting to finalise the system cycle and to prepare for certification .


The business will enter an "Evaluate and Maintain " status. The system must be maintained annually and opportunities for improvements should be implemented where possible and feasible to allow for growth and to maintain the compliance status and appropriate certification.

Our Core Management Principles

All our Systems are developed on seven management principles. By fostering these Core principles during implementation, we ensure that our clients management system will be successful in the long run, able to deliver and consistently create and maintain its own values capable of fulfilling its customer’s needs.
These management principles are:

  • Customer focus.
  • Leadership.
  • Engagement of people.
  • Process approach.
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making.
  • Relationship management.

These principles are core to any company's code of conduct or management system irrespective the size of the business, whether an inhouse specification, custom developed standard or customer requirement. Synergy Consilium develops the system in line with measurable objectives and principles established through the Client’s vision and mission to ensure the result is satisfactory.

Project Management Services

Lean-Management | Tender Planning and Scheduling | Earned Value Management Systems | Maintenance and Shutdown Planning | Process re-engineering | Project Risk Management | Environmental Conrtol

At Synergy Consilium, we work with each client to understand and agree what constitutes success. Collectively we create a project plan with our proven implementation methodology, ensuring that we deliver a successful outcome every time.

The Synergy Consilium team has worked with a diverse client base ranging from small companies to large international organisations - private, public and non-profit. We work across Southern Africa in countries including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Our Management Methodologies for consistent project management practices and governance across the entire organisation, enabling improved project delivery, visibility and control. When implementing an Enterprise Project Management System, you need to consider the organisation’s project management maturity, processes, methodologies, culture, technologies and governance structures.

There are numerous challenges involved in the successfully implementation of a management system. Our structured approach to implementing an Enterprise Project Management System allows our clients to gain from our experience of many successful implementations. This proven process brings best practices and real-world experience, shortening your time to value realisation and increasing the long-term return in your investment.

Whether you are interested in implementing some of the elements of an ISO System to augment your existing capabilities, or are attempting to implement an entire Enterprise Project Management System for the first time, we can help.

Synergy Consilium is one of the few consulting organisations that has deep enterprise tool knowledge combined with strong process and exceptional delivery experience, we are a uniquely qualified partner to help you improve your project management capabilities.

Qualified Consultants

All our Project Management Consultants are well seasoned professionals with relevant Qualifications

Powerful Systems

We only use the best project management software that will provide us with the most relevant information to ensure the basline schedules are maintained

Constant Contact

We communicate with project owners on the progress of the project plan.

our Service tables

Our pricing is unique and according to the project. We aim at creating uniformity with our prices through managing time allocation and project duration to ensure Feasibility and Efficiency


  • Service Level Agreement
  • - 2 Days per Month
  • - Management Of systems
  • - repetitive/Low-Complex processes
  • - Low staff complement
  • - Introductory to Processes
  • - Monthly Maintenance And Support
  • - Non-Conformance Management
  • - Analysis of Data
  • - Continual improvement
  • - Certification Facilitation


  • Service Level Agreement
  • - 4 Days per Month
  • - Management Of systems
  • - medium-Complex processes
  • - Low to medium staff complement
  • - Introductory to Processes
  • - Monthly Maintenance And Support
  • - Non-Conformance Management
  • - Analysis of Data
  • - Continual improvement
  • - Certification Facilitation


  • Service Level Agreement
  • - 6 Days per Month
  • - Management Of systems
  • - High-Complex processes
  • - medium to High staff complement
  • - Introductory to Processes
  • - Monthly Maintenance And Support
  • - Non-Conformance Management
  • - Analysis of Data
  • - Continual improvement
  • - Certification Facilitation

our commitment

Synergy Consilium is committed to providing effective business solutions in Management Systems and Legal Compliance. We partner with Organisations in any industry that have a desire to improve and strive for perfection.


Our behaviour, appearance and omissions will always reflect true and in the best light, whether it be to our valued client or to the clients’ of our clients. Our Advice will be relevant and accurate to the given situation


Our moral principles will be honest and upfront. We will act in the best interest of our clients and consult unbiased


We aim to become an invaluable service provider to all projects that we partake in and will depart our knowledge and experience to develop local capacity of the people involved or influence by our services


We will always ensure our targets are met as far as is reasonably practical and that our services assists others to meet their commitments and deadlines

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